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The Hinterlands

Fanfiction from the more obscure corners of Middle Earth

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If you have a hankering for tales from the more oscure corners of Middle Earth, this is the place for you. Tolkien created a mighty big sandbox for us to muck around in, and it's fun to hang about in the Shire, and Gondor, and Lorien. But there remains so much more to explore and create in this world. This community is meant to be a place for fanfic and discussion about the inhabitants and lands we just don't often hear much about.

If men are your thing, how about some tales from the south and east about the Haradrim, Corsairs, and Easterlings? Or from the north - Beornings and Woodmen, or the Rohirrim before they road south. Going back in history a bit, let's hear about the people of Cardolan, the Pukel men, and the Wainriders.

There are plenty of tales about hobbits from the Shire, but what about stories about "the fathers of the fathers of the Stoors" living by the Gladden Fields? Stories of the Breelander hobbits would also be welcome.

And dwarves - let's face it, dwarves are so under-represented in the fandom we'll take any and all dwarf stories here. Whether they're from the Blue Mountains, Iron Mountains, Erebor, or Moria, it's all good.

Elves are also welcome so long as they're obscure, such as tales of the Dark Elves - the Moriquendi and the Avari.

We welcome fanfic of all genres (including gen, het, and slash) and all ratings. Non-members can post to the community. So even if you only have one story that fits the bill and don't want to join another community, go ahead and post! We want your obscure fic!